Workday is collaborating with ITWeb to present a Webinar on how you can benefit from HCM.

Massive changes on all business fronts can make the future as an HR leader seem daunting. Technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality are redefining jobs, roles and human interactions with data. And business innovations – such as mobility and digital content delivery – are disrupting the status quo, reshaping organisations and creating demand for skills that barely existed a few years ago. It’s up to HR to turn these challenges into opportunities and innovate by assembling the right talent, organising effectively, and aligning the team to deliver on strategic priorities.

Attend this session to learn how Workday is poised to help you glide smoothly into the future with the technology, agility and innovation you need to remain competitive.

• How to plan, recruit and develop talent in one single system;
• Methods of gaining visibility in your workforce;
• Creating a better user experience to keep your workforce engaged and help them grow;
• Gaining the agility to take action or respond to changes on the fly;
• Making better business decisions based on contextual insight; and
• Talent, labour and cost with an HCM application that is one with finance and payroll.





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