If you are eligible for IPM Membership, you may also apply for professional designation and when you are conferred you can use professional level acronym after your name.   For a list of the professional designations levels. These designations signal your professional status in the field of Human Resources.

Our package of membership benefits and services is designed to equip HR professionals with the strategic thinking and practical tools they need to influence impact in the workplace.

IPM offers both individual and corporate membership. Corporate membership allows multiple memberships to be taken out within the same organisation at a discounted rate. Corporate members also benefit from being able to change representative members at their convenience if employees leave or join the organisation.

Our package of membership benefits and services

  1. People dynamics

Members receive a hard copy as well as electronic access to People Dynamics, the official monthly magazine of the Institute. The magazine is an award winning publication which has been in print since 1980. People Dynamics provides a forum for debate and discussion on all issues affecting people managers in South Africa, the African continent and beyond.

  1. Online Journals

Members have access to two leading academic journals. They are:

  • South African Journal of Human Resource Management.
  • South African Journal of Industrial Psychology.

These two journals are searchable online and bring you high quality research content, all included in your membership fee.

  1. IPM Website

The IPM website contains information and resources, which are being built up over time to contain templates, checklists, example policies and how to’s.

  1. IPM Mentoring Programme

We are intent on supporting and building the Profession for both today and tomorrow. It is thus a pleasure to introduce you to the IPM Mentoring & Coaching Programme, where we introduce seasoned professionals to young practitioners and university students aspiring to break into the career. Our student chapters and workshops expose you to prospects with-whom you may form a career-long, rewarding relationship.

  1. Member discounts on IPM Programmes and Events

Individual members receive a discount for all IPM-hosted events throughout the year, including the IPM Annual Convention which attracts local and international speakers, delegates and exhibitors. Corporate Members benefit from a discounted rate for stand space at the exhibition.





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