HR Profession: Continuing Professional Development

The IPM operates a points based CPD Policy for Professional Membership, as mandated by the South Africa Qualifications Authority (SAQA). As a Professional Member, you are required to undertake CPD each year and to log your activity. You only need to submit your log on request.


What is CPD?

Business Solutions“Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a process by which individuals take control of their own learning and development, by engaging in an on-going process of reflection and action. This process is empowering and exciting and can stimulate people to achieve their aspirations and move towards their dreams.”’

Source: “Continuing Professional Development” by David Megginson and Vivien Whitaker.

CPD is about assisting with the results you can deliver in the real world of work. It differs from one individual to the next, depending on your unique requirements, your career stage and where you plan to go next. It covers a range of activities that help you to achieve your goals, and is not limited to formal learning activities.

As the CPD landscape continues to evolve, both employers and employees need to adapt to get the optimum benefits from their investment, and embrace an enlightened approach to CPD. We have a lot more tools at our disposal for learning and developing – this is positive!

Benefits of CPD

Business Success“If we think of professional development in terms of staying current, maintaining a competitive edge – increasing our effectiveness as professionals – then the importance to the individual and the organisation is clear”.

Boston Consulting Group

CPD provides opportunity to grow professionally, advancing our careers, opening up job opportunities and paving the way for optimal performance at work. It challenges us to make time for regular personal reflection and review. In a fast paced world with lots of change, if we do not continually reflect, review, update, learn and grow, we will not be able to compete on a personal professional level, or on an organisational level.

We must commit to our own CPD (walk the talk) and support CPD within our organisations. In our current world – keeping abreast is essential … not a nice to have. Many employers see the ability to continually update your learning and grow, as a critical skill in itself.





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Encouraging the practice of CPD
Business Deal

  • Ask yourself these questions regularly:
  • Awareness of your context: What’s happening around you?
  • Forward focus: What will happen in the future?
  • Awareness of self: How are you adapting?
  • Plans for thriving into the future: What’s my / our unique position


Amantra for CPD
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  • I take ownership for my own development
  • I take stock of the present and I look to the future
  • I think about new ways of learning and developing
  • I develop a plan for my own development
  • I appreciate that what I need may be unique to me
  • I log my journey, I reflect on what I learn and achieve
  • I share my insights with others
  • I assist my organisation to create the right conditions for growth.

The IPM CPD Policy and Log

 Guidance on the CPD activities and the allocation of points