Preparing for the world of work

If you are no stranger to our blog, you will know that we often talk about the impact of disruptive technologies and how we prepare for a world that may look little like the present. Our Convention in 2016 was focused on the World Economic Forums Fourth Industrial Revolution, and we heard from many speakers
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Masculinity could ruin you!

A message for top women managers … Masculinity could ruin you! by Mosima Selekisho* Many women managers have found that getting in touch with their masculine side is one way of getting to the top. But in future it may no longer be the best career option. In fact, in the long term it could
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There is no escaping the fact that the future of work will involve technology and that increasingly sophisticated forms of technology will emerge over time. On the horizon is also the blurring of lines that characterises the Fourth Industrial Revolution. According to, in the Fourth Industrial Revolution we will see: ‘a range of new
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New year new job?  Don’t sabotage your search Does the new year signal to you it’s time for a new job? Or perhaps you are a recent graduate looking for your first job? In this blog we bring you a few essentials that prevent you from screening yourself out before you have had a chance
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