The Institute of People Management enforces a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Policy in line with its mandate from the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Professional Members must maintain a log of their CPD throughout the year. This document provides additional guidance on the activities that count towards the CPD of Professional Members, and the points that can be claimed against each activity.


IPM_point_baseIPM operates from a position of trust. We do not require that you submit your log each year however we will randomly sample members and ask them to submit their CPD log. Full details of the CPD policy are available in the policy document ‘IPM Continuing Professional Development Policy’.

Activities undertaken to maintain or improve competence in Human Resources Management and Development will carry a points value. Members will need to demonstrate that they have accrued the necessary points total for any given year, to maintain their Professional Membership. Although non-professional categories of membership are not required to submit their CPD logs to the Institute upon request, the Institute advocates and supports the undertaking of professional development on a continual basis for all categories of membership.

Activities that count towards Continuing Professional Development

A range of activities can be undertaken in order to build up CPD over the year.

Types of activity include work-based learning, formal learning and self directed activities.

Examples of CPD activity include:

  • Attending training and development, face to face or onlineIPM_point_base
  • Attending short seminars, conferences and networking events
  • Taking part in a webinar
  • Presenting new material or topics at events or conferences
  • Preparing new materials for training and development
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Participating in a work project
  • Voluntary activities in the community
  • Watching videos online such as on YouTube or TED Talks
  • Reading books and articles, online and offline
  • Writing books and articles, online and offline
  • Writing a regular blog
  • Taking part in online discussion forums.

Some activities, such as formal learning, are verifiable through providing certificates of completion or attendance. This makes evidencing the professional development easy as these certificates can be submitted to support your log. Other activities, such as unstructured learning activities, will require more input in the form of a reflection log or note, which in itself enhances and cements learning.

  • Verifiable activities include formal face-to-face learning on courses and programmes, structured online learning.
  • Non-verifiable activities include coaching, mentoring, seminars, delivering lectures, conferences & networking events, webinars, on the job learning, participation in new initiatives or project work, inside and outside of the organisation, reading articles and books


LeadershipAllocating a points value to your professional development activities

A total of 12 points must be accumulated and evidenced over the course of one membership year. These points must come from a range of activities. Your total points for one year cannot all be allocated to the same type of activity, for example, attending conferences. There should be a mix of structured and informal learning or self-directed learning.

Please note that these points are intended to provide guidance for the completion of your CPD log. The activities listed above are not exhaustive. You may motivate for additional activities provided you can submit evidence that helps us to assess that the activity is contributing to your professional development.

Encouraging reflective practice and guidance on writing a reflection note

For activities that cannot be verified through a certificate of completion or attendance, we advocate that a short reflection note accompanies the log entry. This note also assists you to reflect on your learning and to capture key insights.

Questions that help with reflection process include:

  • How has your activity met one of your development objectives? Has it produced changes in knowledge, skills, attitude and judgement?
  • What are the key insights from the learning?
  • What will you do differently, what will you apply and how?
  • How will this help you in your current or a future role?
  • What benefits will it have for your internal and external customers, and/or your service?
  • What other development needs have you surfaced through this activity and learning?

Once you have spent a few minutes reflecting, capture your thinking on the log by including a few bullet points that describe key insights. You might also want to include where you might can the learning within your work context. Or put another way, you could briefly describe what action you plan to take as a result of the learning. This is not essential but will help to extend value back in the working context. We suggest you do a quick reflection process as soon as you complete the activity.

Further support and assistance

If you are unsure as to the points value of your activity, or would like to enquire about whether you can claim points for an activity not listed above, please contact the IPM Professional Membership and Development Adviser.

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