IPM_DocumentThe Institute of People Management strongly supports Continuing Professional Development for all professionals. Members of the Institute are required to reflect on and review their knowledge and skills levels and requirements regularly. This allows them to uphold their professional commitment to providing informed and insightful information, advice and guidance on effective human resources management and development (HRM & D) for all stakeholders, including employers and employees.

Continuing Professional Development establishes and maintains good practice within the HR profession and helps to build forward looking approaches which ensure HRM & D remains relevant and effective into the future. In this way, Continuing Professional Development builds the Profession and adds value for organisations, in addition to opening up new career opportunities for individuals.

The Institute’s Code of Conduct, which members undertake to abide by, states that members must demonstrate a steadfast commitment to enhancing individual learning and development and to establishing the processes and structures that will assist the organisation to meet its current and future business objectives. This commitment should be well-evidenced through the care taken to ensure those working for them have the appropriate level of competence, supervision and support.

Continuing Professional Development enables us to adapt to changing conditions in our business and work context. Considering the acceleration of the pace of change in recent years, the ability to reflect, review, learn and adapt it is becoming a critical skill in the competitive toolkit. Thus CPD, maintaining and enhancing professionalism and competence, is of strategic importance.





Principle and process of CPD

  • Members must take individual responsibility for their own professional development
  • They must maintain a record of CPD activities undertaken throughout the year. The Institute of People Management has provided a log for this purpose.
  • A range of activities should be undertaken in order to build up CPD over the year. Activities can be broken down into verifiable and non-verifiable activities, and for verifiable activities evidence of attendance and or completion must be supplied such as in the form of a certificate or assessment of work.
  • Verifiable activities include formal face to face learning on courses and programmes, structured online learning and membership.
  • Non-verifiable activities include coaching, mentoring, seminars, delivering lectures, conferences, networking events, webinars, reflection notes detailing on the job learning, reflection notes on participation in new initiatives or project work, inside and outside of the organisation. Activities can also include reading articles and books.
  • The lists of verifiable and non-verifiable activities are not inclusive and advice can be sought from IPM if a Member would like to check whether an activity will count towards CPD.
  • Broadly 70% of activities should focus on areas of human resources, and 30% on other business relevant areas.
  • Professional Members are expected to complete a CPD log evidencing activities that count towards a total points allocation of 12 points per calendar year. Detailed information on CPD activities and their points value is available in the document ‘Guidance on the IPM Points Based CPD System.’
  • The Institute operates from a position of trust and accords each member with responsibility for their own professional development. We will not ask you to submit your CPD log when applying to renew your Membership. We will reserve the right to request to review your log as part of our quality assurance processes. We will randomly ask Professional members to submit their log to date. In this case we will provide you with a period of 7 working days to ensure your record is full and complete and reflects all the activities you have undertaken.
  • When you sign and renew your Membership, you agree to abide by our Code of Conduct and our CPD principles and processes.

Members should contact the Institute if they are unsure as to what activity will count for CPD and what points allocation it may carry.

The Institute of People Management’s support for members

We encourage our Members to engage in a process of lifelong learning, and to reflect on how to achieve this.

Questions that help with reflection include:

  • How has your activity met your current development objectives? Has it produced changes in knowledge, skills, attitude and judgement?
  • What will you do differently, what will you apply and how?
  • How will this help you in your current or a future role?
  • What benefits will it have for your clients and/or your service?
  • What other development needs have you surfaced through this activity and learning?

The Institute is committed to supporting members to continuously enhance their professional knowledge and skills. We provide numerous formal learning opportunities through our range of short programmes, courses, conferences, workshops and seminars. We also host the Annual Convention which offers structured and unstructured learning opportunities.

Our website contains resources to help you on your professional journey, including details of formal learning opportunities, access to a database of leading South African journals, and resources on a range of professional areas. We have an active Twitter feed which brings you the latest HRM&D research and thought leadership from across the globe. We also stream information on events, including non-IPM events, job listings and other information we think may be of use to you.

Please see CPD log overleaf.

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