19 - 22 NOVEMBER 2017
Emperors Palace - Johannesburg

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THEME: Proactive, Responsive & Visionary Leadership –
A People Management and Organisational Perspective

IPM 61st Annual Convention & Exhibition

There are two significant developments that are taking place in the world today, namely:

  1. VUCA: The world today is characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, acronym – VUCA. The speed of change and a volatile global economy in combination create a complex environment that is increasingly becoming difficult to navigate owing to the complexity of the challenges that need resolution. In such a complex environment, the levels of uncertainty and ambiguity are bound to increase as well.
  2. Fourth Industrial Revolution: Adding to the challenges presented by the VUCA world is a phenomenon called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which analysts say “will arguably become the most disruptive and transformative shift in human history as its impact will be felt at individual, societal, business and government levels.


One thing is certain though: the world of yesterday is rapidly disappearing before our eyes and this requires that we take stock to reflect on our ideal future and what we need to do as business executives, government officials, civil society and individual level. These disruptive and transformative developments call for visionary, proactive and responsive leadership.

As nations and organisations have over the centuries been saved by visionary leaders, we invited our own expert associates, partners, academics and industry research specialists from government and private sector to our 61st Annual Convention & Exhibition to lead discussions, share strategies and tested solutions to some of the poignant challenges we encounter in the workplace.


The convention covered a variety of topics under the subthemes: Proactive & Ethical Leadership, HR Governance and Risk Management, Orgànisational Culture and Engagement.


We share some of the gems with you, and invite you to examine how you can apply the insights and advice shared. Most of the experts are also available to spend time focusing on your unique environment and help you through some of your organisations challenges.


For further information please contact: or call Patricia or Lavern at: 011 544 4400


Abdullah Verachia

CEO - The Strategists, Senior Faculty at GIBS & Programme Director:

Harvard Senior Executive Programme for Africa Disruption, disintermediation and digital. Crafting competitive strategy in a complex and rapidly evolving environment

Boni Gantile

Human Behavior Specialist – Training B2B

CEO - Southern African Society for Cooperative Education (SASCE) A case study on sustainable job creation for the youth - Collaboration of supply and demand side for employable pipeline

Prof Peter Hawkins

- Professor of Leadership - Henley Business School, United Kingdom

Tomorrow’s Leadership and the Necessary Revolution in Today’s Leadership Development: 2017 Global Research Report

Prof Nick Binedell

: Professor, Strategy & Leadership - Gordon Institute of Business Science

The World we Work and Live in: Innovation, Leadership and Management in contemporary South Africa

Perry Timms

Founder and Chief Energy Officer - PTHR, United Kingdom

Transformational HR

Nene Molefi

Author, Founder and Managing Director – Mandate MolefiHR Consultants

Elevating the role of HR in the transformation agenda: What are the next steps?

Italia Boninelli

Executive Consultant & IPM Fellow - Industrial Psychology

Value adding and Impactful HR

Felleng Yende


FP&M SETA Next Gen – Taking skills development and the SETA beyond 2020

Dr. Roze Phillips

Managing Director - Accenture Consulting

Buckle up, next-wave HR is here … and it will be funded by RPA cost take outs

Dr Mariam Sha

CEO - Awakening Excellence & Investors in People

Engaging for Success: Enhancing individual, team and business performance through employee engagement

Dr Joni Musabayana

Director - International Labour Organisation

Recruiting skills vs Procuring skills

Charlotte Mokoena

Executive VP, Human Resources & Corporate Affairs – SASOL

The implications of socio-economic factors on the role of HR and its business impact.