Employee Comms – 5 things to think about Why is employee communications so important? According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in the UK, effective internal communications is essential for trust in the organization. It impacts employee engagement, the culture of the organization and productivity levels. But many employees do not feel

5 tips for inspiring your employees

5 tips for inspiring your employees  “Companies … that are heavily reliant on the relationships and skills of their most talented employees risk financial ruin when they neglect their top performers.  – Jason Evanish We hear the figures all the time. Losing talented employees costs us. And that’s especially the case when times are tough.
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Are self-employed workers getting the short end of the stick? Both employers and workers are continuing to move towards a more temporary and independent workforce, according to EY Research. Why would employers move towards a more contingent workforce? Key reasons are cited as: Making use of capability that does not exist in the permanent workforce
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Feedback – the ‘gift’

Feedback – the ‘gift’ Have you heard of feedback as a gift? The thinking, as described by Carole Robin, director of Leadership Fellows at Stanford Graduate School of Business, is that when you ask for feedback, and you get it, that presents a chance for you to learn and improve. It is better to have